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Becoming a part of JaDiF opens up many opportunities to you to help us achieve our objectives while partaking in the fellowship it engenders. The following categories of persons are eligible for membership:

  1. Jamaican nationals who currently reside in France

  2. French nationals who are of Jamaican origin

  3. Residents in France who are married to Jamaicans

  4. Other residents in France who have demonstrated interests in Jamaica

  5. Residents in Jamaica who are affiliated with France through family, or other demonstrated interest in France

  6. Others who have an interest in Jamaica and would like to contribute to its upliftment through membership in the organisation.

Benefits of Membership

When you sign up for membership, you become part of a select group, and will receive the following main benefits:

  1. Welcome packet

  2. Virtual membership card

  3. Dedicated telephone hotline to field your queries

  4. 50% off all JaDiF-organised events

  5. Discounts on items at participating merchant stores in France and Jamaica

  6. Future benefits and perks to be announced

Offers may change from time to time.

Membership Categories and Dues

JDiF has three categories of membership and associated annual dues.

  1. Regular Membership: 15 euros

  2. Youth (under 25 years old) Membership: 10 euros

  3. Student Membership: 10 euros


We are always in need of help to carry out various activities in pursuit of our mission towards the fulfillment of our objectives. We invite you to donate your time and your skill in this endeavor. Areas in which you can volunteer your time include:

  1. Membership Drive

  2. Community Outreach

  3. Events

  4. Fundraising

  5. Communications

Send us a message through the link below to let us know how you would like to help. Thanks for volunteering!



As part of, and throughout our operations to fulfill our objectives, JaDiF will participate in and host various activities and events. As a not-for-profit organisation, we are dependent on the sponsorship of such activities and events to implement them. We will be publishing our events throughout the year, and will be inviting companies (and individuals) to sponsor them. In return, companies will receive the following benefits:

  1. Build brand awareness: Generating exposure in an inexpensive manner, relative to more expensive advertising campaigns

  2. Demonstrate corporate and social responsibility: Establishing rapport with existing and potential customers by showing generosity, dependability and support

  3. Increase reach: Getting to an audience that is wider than those who participate in the activities and events through extended exposure and visibility generated by promotions channels used by the organisation

Look out for our activities and events; however,  we invite you to sign up so that you can be notified directly of sponsorship opportunities as soon as they arise.



We rely on the generosity of people like you to be able to fund many of the activities of the JaDiF organization. We appreciate your interest in supporting us through your tax-deductible donation, and thank you.

We uphold the highest levels of transparency and accountability in how donated funds are spent. As such, we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about our operations. In particular, we will provide you with information about how your donation is used. 

Please donate today.

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