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Vive les Groues! Reggae and Dub Celebration

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Written by Josette Ricketts

Photos by JaDiF's team

A sense of excitement filled the air at the inaugural Reggae and Dub Celebration, last weekend.

The event organised by FreeVibes Association in collaboration with Kunshine Sound System, Ricky's Jamaican Grill and the Jamaican Diaspora in France (JADIF) gave eager onlookers a cultural escape.

The hundreds, who turned up at the Vive Les Groues, Nanterre, enjoyed authentic Jamaican arts, crafts, cuisine and a groovy mix of dub and 'Roots Rocking Reggae' music.

Team JADIF welcomed families, friends and well wishers with warm smiles as they promoted Brand Jamaica. They were offered English and Patois language exchange sessions, jewellery, merchandise and a cup of savoury Jamaican chicken soup.

"I got to get my cup of soup." JaDiF's President, Marcia Bernard, serves tasty Jamaican chicken soup to guests.

Soup is an integral part of Jamaican culture. An event is never complete without a pot or two of soup and the Reggae and Dub celebration was no exception.

Chrisan Blake, JADIF's secretary and board member said, "People were excited as they have never tasted Jamaican soup before." She added that they loved it! "We even received special requests to cater for upcoming events."

Patrons also tasted the infamous Jamaican jerked chicken, Escovietch fish, festival and our number one street food, patties courtesy of Ricky's Jamaican Food Truck and Grill; a proud member of the Jamaican Diaspora in France, JADIF.

The event brought a chill vibe to the local community. Check out all the folks who showed up to enjoy music from the Kunshine Sound System and a taste of our Jamaican culture.

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